BLOG: A College Student’s Grocery List

I don’t know about anyone else, but every time I find myself in need of groceries, I also find myself in need of knowing what exactly I should buy. Especially this summer, I have realized that I really don’t know how to do a lot of daily tasks, like going to the grocery store. All I know is that I my refrigerator is empty, and it needs to be filled.

I get in my car and go the the grocery store, but when I get there, my mind goes completely blank when I try to decide what to buy. So, just because I figured I am not the only one in this predicament, here is a list of the top 10 essential groceries for college students living in apartments and dorms that a few of us compiled. Feel free to comment with suggestions!

Top 10 Groceries for a College Dorm:

  1. Crackers or Chips (For those snack cravings that happen all during the day. Goldfish, Cheese-Its, or Triscuits are good examples.)
  2. Cereal. (Good for those days when you don’t have quite enough time to make it to the caf for breakfast. Its good with or without milk too, so you have another snack alternative)
  3. Fruit. (A healthy snack option. Apples, Bananas, Oranges, and Pears are easy to grab and go!)
  4. Peanut Butter or Nutella (This goes great with crackers or fruit, and can change up any snack. They also stay good for a long time.)
  5. Mac n’ Cheese or Ramen Noodles (For when you have missed a meal or are in need of a fourth one.)
  6. Pizza Bites or  Pizza Rolls (These can feed you, or a bunch of your friends. They stay good for a long time if kept in a freezer, and they are super easy to heat up. Instant hang out snack)
  7. Coffee and Creamer (For those early mornings and late nights)
  8. Milk (Goes well with cereal, and it is a good source of calcium!)
  9. Gatorade Mix or Flavored Mix for water (Instead of buying bottles of water or flavored drinks, use a Brita Pitcher for fresh, filtered water, and add mixes to the water if you want to change things up! Super money saver!)
  10. Last but not least, Break and Bake Cookies (This one is especially for the girls. You can munch on the dough, or have an quick and tasty treat for you and your friends.)


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