BLOG: Essential Electronics.

Don’t leave home without them.

  1. Coffee Maker.  One of the many beautiful things about coffee makers is that you have plenty of options.  Drip, Self-serve, Programmable, basically your options are limitless.  You can splurge or you can go with something more basic, either way, it is a great investment for all of those future all-nighters. Just make sure they automatically turn off!

Programmable, drip coffee maker. Perfect for your basic cup of joe and perfect for your pocket book around $20.00

A step of from the basic, this splurge has perks like a cleaning cycle and brew strength options. Can be found around $50.00.

For all the fancy pants out there, a French Press is easy to take care of and offers everyone a cup of coffee with their own specifications.












2. Electric Kettle.  An electric kettle has many benefits for the college student.  Offering a hot cup of tea, coffee (via the above french press), or a quick fourth meal of Ramen Noodles.

Easily found around 35 dollars and easy to take care of, a kettle is the way to go.

3.  Scented Plug-in.  As scented candles are strictly prohibited, a scented plug in is a great replacement to keep your dorm smelling fresh!

Super cute and you can pick your own scents.

4.  Power Strip and Extension Cord. A great way to get power to your whole room, some of the dorm rooms only have outlets on two walls.

Your grandmother may have had only two outlets in Mary Nelson but you can have at least 10.

5.  Fan.  Cheap and easy to purchase in any variety of size or shape.

keeps you cool when your roommate is already shivering.


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