BLOG: The Bookstore

At the beginning of each semester, starting things off can be quite hectic, registering for classes, moving into the dorm, getting school supplies, and buying all of your textbooks. The line is usually pretty long to get into the bookstore, so chances are, you simply go in, get your books, and leave.

If the beginning and end of every semester is the only time that you set foot into our bookstore, then you will be missing out.

Our bookstore carries a full stock of Vera Bradley goods.

The bookstore also carries trendy stuff too, like headbands, jewelry, and tights.

 The bookstore is not just full of textbooks. They carry other books as well, ranging from GRE and MCAT workbooks to The Help and The Hunger Games.

Finally, why not utilize the convenient location and buy your school supplies from the bookstore’s fully stocked shelves.

My purchase today was awesome! I got a GRE workbook and a birthday gift for a friend!! And it was all for a great price.

So go check out our bookstore before they move to the new location on the brickstreets in September! And then go check it out when they move!

*From today until August 28, you can charge any purchase to your student account!

One response to “BLOG: The Bookstore

  1. It looks like I’m going to be missing out then, but thanks for the suggestion, though. I will be sure to check it out when I get a chance. Thanks again.

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