BLOG: Move it on in.

Move in day can be intimidating.  In order to get all of your ducks (and boxes) in a row, you have to be clever about your tactics.  MC once again has had the foresight to anticipate the stress you will have as  Freshman and new Transfer students moving in for the first time.

Be sure to go through the traffic patterns thoroughly with your parents so that you guys will be well informed about how things will go down once you enter campus.

The basic breakdown is after about 3 cups of coffee you will arrive on campus fairly early on Saturday August 18 and anxiously wait in line (in your car).  Finally your parents will make a pit stop with the car in front of your new home, rambunctious sophomores, juniors and seniors will bombard your car and grab all of your belongings and take them up to your room.

MC students who help with move in day really take a load off of your shoulders, and that’s great because you will have a lot to think about on Move In Day.  Saying Goodbye to Mom and Dad, meeting new friends (possibly even your roommate for the first time), and trying to figure out where to put the refrigerator.  It’s a lot. But it’s a lot of great.

Get ready to Move it on in!

One response to “BLOG: Move it on in.

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I actually thought that I’d have to move all of my luggage up to my room by myself. That makes me feel a lot better about moving in! Thanks!

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