Meet Mr. Kenneth

Hey everyone!

My name is Kenneth and I have the privilege to write some sweet blogs for Mississippi College. I am a senior here at MC. Things I love include music, basketball, Dr. Pepper, playing the banjo, and professional wrestling. Yes, professional wrestling. I have a crazy big beard that I am very proud of. I have worn a Jamaican colored headband for most of my college career. I really do love MC and I am getting my Christian Studies degree with an emphasis in Bible so I can minister to youth and have a major impact in their lives. I feel like I’m a pretty crazy person. I’m pretty quirky, and loud. I enjoy having fun everywhere. If I could be an animal, it would be a T-REX.

-Kenneth Gray, senior blog writer, music lover, and current co-president of the Sons of Thunder.

One response to “Meet Mr. Kenneth

  1. Hey! It is a great pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kenneth! My name is Desiree and I really enjoyed your blog! I enjoyed reading about you and your interests and hope to learn more about you one day!

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