College Hunting

So you’re a senior in high school, right? It’s time to start looking for the college for you! As exciting as this sounds, it has the potential to be super stressful…

Here are some helpful tips to use during all of your college-hunting to make it as unstressful as possible:

1. Check out the website.
A website is a simple way to find out about the over-all goal of a college and can provide easy access to some questions that you may have about tuition, statistics, academics, and student life.

2. Request Information.
You may not be fully committed to a certain college, but getting more information is a good idea! It gives colleges a chance to send you information you’ll want to know about their school.

3. Visit Campus!
The College that you choose will be your home-away-from-home for the next four years, so knowing what a college looks like is extremely important! Many colleges have Preview Days for high school students to attend (we’ve got one coming up on November 3rd!). These are great ways to get a feel for a college, and it is fun to experience a school with other students your age! Private visits are also really important to schedule. These visits are more personal and provide more opportunities to ask questions one-on-one with admissions counselors.

4.Get Plugged into a College’s Social Media.
Most colleges have facebook and twitter (and, if they are awesome like MC, Instagram!). Following social media can keep you up to date with things going on with current students and upcoming events for you to attend. (like Preview Day!)

5. Ask a Friend.
It is always good to get a few different perspectives. If you have friends that go to any of the colleges that you are interested in, talk to them, and see if their school sounds like the place for you!

6. Do the Hard Stuff.
Start finding out about scholarships and the admissions process so that you can start turning in things like transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, and other things required for admissions.

7. Have a FUN Senior Year
Don’t stress about your college decision! The main thing is to pray and to seek the Lord in every decision you make. Allow the Lord to use you throughout your senior year to glorify Him while you are finishing up high school!

One response to “College Hunting

  1. Sure thing! I’m going on a campus visit tommorrow, October 5th, and I am really looking forward to it. Thanks for the good luck! I will do my best to make the best of my Senior year of high school (if I can).

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