The Admissions Counselors

The process for applying to college is your first step into college life! The process itself can be a little confusing, overwhelming, and make you feel a little crazy. Instead of making you figure everything out for yourself, we’ve given you your very own Admissions Counselor. Your counselor’s job is to make that process easy by answering your questions, letting you know what’s going on with your application, encouraging you, and praying for you along the way.

Your admissions counselor is one of your greatest allies. Luckily for you, we have an amazing bunch of Admissions Counselors!

Every single one of them (Anna, JD, Tyler, Brandi, Michael, Elizabeth, Daniel, Sam, and our Director of Admissions Kyle) have lived the MC life and loved it! They love talking about all the good that MC has done and their personal campus experiences.

The best news is that the Admissions Counselors want to meet and get to know you! Whenever your school has a college fair, go talk to them! If you hear that an Admissions Counselor is coming to your school for a private visit, go by and chat with him/her! You could even bring your family to campus and have a personal campus visit and tour! Yes, we want to meet your folks.

Anyway, to see who your Admissions Counselor is, you can fill out our Request More Info form. If you’ve already filled one of those out, then you can see their schools and territories here. Be on the lookout for more posts that are Admissions Counselor centered!

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