Jordan Mitchell – Life of a Communcations Major

The communications department at Mississippi College is a great place. It’s one of the smaller departments at MC and it is filled with students who are eager to advance themselves as well as professors who are willing to do whatever it takes to provide that opportunity. I have two semesters left at MC, and not once have I regretted my decision to follow the path of  a communications major.

The bottom floor of Aven doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves, but it is a place that every student should consider investing themselves in. My emphasis within the communications department is journalism, and I can’t begin to describe all the different ways I have grown while studying under professors such as Dr. Forteberry, Dr. Starr, and Dr. Nicholas. These professors dedicate themselves to their students, and live to see them succeed.

Through this department I have been given the opporunity to contribute to our school newspaper, The Collegian. This has been an experience that no other major could give me. Through three semesters of writing for The Collegian I have had a chance to improve in my writing as well a be able to showcase my work to the rest of the school. Who wouldn’t want to take full advantage of that? If any student is yet to decide their major or is even questioning it, I would strongly consider stopping by the basement of Aven and seeing what life is like. Trust me, you won’t be dissapointed.

– Jordan

One response to “Jordan Mitchell – Life of a Communcations Major

  1. It’s nice to meet you, Jordan Mitchell! I’m Desiree (aka Desi) a rising Freshman. I really loved your blog and maybe one day I might just stop by the Aven basement to check it out.

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