When They Were Here: Dr. Patterson

Today, they can be seen lecturing to a full class of students or speaking with prospective students in Nelson Hall, but once upon a time, some of our favorite MC faculty and staff were once students chilling on the Quad, going to class in Jennings Hall, and even rooming in the dorms!  The “When They Were Here” blog posts gives a glimpse into the lives and memories of some of our favorite Mississippi College Faculty and Staff when they were in our shoes.

Dr. Steven Patterson

Today, he can be found teaching in Jennings on everything from the Ancient World to the British Empire, but once upon a time, history professor Dr. Patterson could be seen roaming the campus as a student!

(Dr. Patterson is about to entertain the masses by juggling during a Follies skit. Now, he is one of the most entertaining professors, even without the juggling.)

Throughout his years at MC, you could find him on the soccer field, in the club Circle K, and even in the musical, Fiddler on the Roof!  He graduated Mississippi College in 1990, and we are lucky to have him back as one of the favorite professors on campus!

(Dr. Patterson is on the left-I wonder if we could convince him to wear those shorts to his World Civ class?)

When asked about his MC experience, Dr. Patterson had this to say:

“MC gave me so much as an undergrad, even if I didn’t always understand what it was giving me at the time.  In the classroom, I remember ConD with Dr. Howard, and having to study like I’d never studied before.  He also took a personal interest in me, and seemed to genuinely care about my career after MC.   
I played on the soccer team as well, and I remember the camaraderie of the team, and also playing soccer just about everywhere on campus.  On the quad, in Alumni, on the old soccer field where the healthplex now sits.  There’s the old cliche about college being the happiest four years of your life, and I feel blessed to return here as a teacher, and that I want to give my students as much as MC has given me.  It’s a great place in a great town.”


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