Blog: Resident Life Nights

As a Sophomore at Mississippi College I felt the Lord calling me to become more involved in residence life and one way of doing that was  becoming a resident assistant.  I get the daily privilege of encouraging residents, decorating halls, planning events, and spending quality time with my residence life staff. I have only held this position for a short time, but it has been such a time of growth and a  rewarding experience. At MC we have ten residential halls, nine of which are dorm style housing and one that is apartment style housing. One of the major requirements working within Residence life, and personally one of my favorite things I do as a Resident assistant, is planning our Resident Life Night events.   Once a month, each dorm staff plans and prepares for a Resident Life Night event. The purpose of these fun Resident Life Night events is to ultimately build community within the dorms.

Some of the events this month included a men’s ping pong tournament, an ice cream social, a ‘Bro out Before You Go out” event that included defense lessons, and a Princess Pajama Party. With the Residence staff in Latimer-Webb, I got too creatively plan for the Princess Pajama Party. For this month we decided to have an event that was fun but also relaxing for our residence. The Princess Pajama Party included pajamas, nail painting and eating pizza and popcorn. That night we even had some of our residence bring their entire Disney princess movie collection, and we watched movies while relaxing on a massive pillow pallet.

The event was an awesome time of building relationships with residence while painting one another’s nails, bonding over childhood movies, and stuffing our faces with the best pajama party foods.


One response to “Blog: Resident Life Nights

  1. I really enjoyed this blog! I most definitely look forward to my first year as a MC Freshman. I may be able to enjoy one of those Residence Life Nights!

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