BLOG: Molly Conway, History Major

When I tell people I’m a history major, it’s usually followed by looks of disgust and the occasional “Eww. Why??” Thankfully there are those of you out there, like me, who simply enjoy the nostalgia and have a strong appreciation for the subject. I chose Mississippi College primarily because of its historical importance. Did you know MC was the first college in Mississippi? Or that we were the first co-educational college to grant a degree to a woman? How about my personal favorite, Ulysses S. Grant and the Union troops stopped and stayed at Provine chapel during the civil war! If that doesn’t get you other history buffs going, I don’t know what will! “Oh so you want to teach?” is always the second question I always get. I could see myself being a teacher, but my dream job (after many more years of schooling) is to become a historian. I want to research and write books about my favorite topics in history.

Get used to this view!

The history department at MC is phenomenal, and the range of classes that are available here is awesome. Of course there are your typical U.S. History, Western Civilization, and World History classes, but if you’re like me, you’re already eager to dig deeper. Specific upper-level classes offer a more in-depth look into history. For example, this semester I’m taking Mississippi History (which focuses on how Mississippi came to be) and History of the Old South (AMAZING. JUST AMAZING).

As a history major at Mississippi College, you will be challenged. You will read, interpret, and write until you want to pull your hair out, but this is only because our program is so wonderful. My professors are the BEST at working with me when I need help, and they have even found me opportunities outside of the classroom to get involved in historic societies. At some point you will probably encounter Dr. Pinnen, Dr. Patterson, and Dr. Antizzo, all of whom have my highest respect for their knowledge in history and political science. They make the history they teach exciting, fresh, and interesting. You can’t go wrong!

Until next time future Choctaws,


2 responses to “BLOG: Molly Conway, History Major

  1. This is a great blog! Sorry, I won’t be able to enjoy the nostalgia of learning Mississippi’s history. I am a future Nursing major. But, I would love to read one of your stories one day in the future.

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