Your Friend, Your MC Admissions Counselor

This may seem like a shock to those of you who have applied to a thousand schools, but Mississippi College is the only school where I applied.  While I looked at many universities, after I met my admissions counselor, I knew without a doubt that I was ready to make MC my college home.

My admission counselor’s name was Wesley.  From the time my name came across his desk, he contacted me and really became the face of Mississippi College for me.  Even though he had hundreds of other students to talk to, he took the time to get to know me and make me feel like I was the only student looking at MC.  He was extremely patient, was happy to answer all of my thousands of questions, and provided me with all the scholarship information I needed.

I think the biggest deciding factor of my applying to MC came when Wesley encouraged me to come on a campus visit.  Once I was on the campus, Wesley was sure to make my visit one of the best days of my life by giving me a campus tour and taking the time to talk to my parents about everything college-related.  That day, I knew that I would spend my college years at Mississippi College.  Wesley was not merely my admissions counselor, he invested in me and became my friend.

This is my admissions counselor, Wesley, at my high school awards night. He drove all the way from MC to present my scholarship!

Finding out who your admissions counselor is and contacting them is easy!  Click here  and they can talk to you about what your life could be like at Mississippi College!


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