Halloween – One of my favorite days of the year


October 31st, this is a day that is feared by some and celebrated by many. It is one day out of the year where people get the chance to escape the reality that they live in and dress up as something they dream about, and in some cases have nightmares about. “Trick or Treating”, scary movies, haunted attractions, cold weather, bonfires, and hayrides are just a few things that make this holiday so great.

This year, the town of Clinton will be alive and well when the holiday arrives. The brickstreets in Clinton is one of the best places for kids to trick or treat, and there will also be a movie night hosted by Mississippi College. There will be a “Harry Potter” marathon and costume party beginning at 9 o’clock in the bowl at MC. The students who dress up will be eligible to enter a contest to win gift-cards. This will be a great time to hang out, dress up, and watch movies as students enjoy Halloween together.

October is the best month of the year, capped off by the best day of the year. October 31st, 2012 will be a night to remember in Clinton, MS, but wherever you are spending this Halloween be sure to make the most of this holiday.

– Jordan

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