When They Were Here: Dr. Stapleton

The “When They Were Here” blog posts give you a look into  the lives of some of our favorite Mississippi College faculty and staff when they were students at MC!

Dr. Beth Stapleton

Professor and chair of the Modern Language Department, Dr.  Beth Stapleton is undoubtedly one of the most popular MC professors today, but if you take a look into some Tribesman yearbooks from the early 90s, you’ll find that she was just as popular when she was an MC student!

Even though she did not have the title of “doctor” back then, she did have many other cool titles.  From “Homecoming Queen” to “Laguna President” to “Miss MC,” it is obvious that Dr. Stapleton was a favorite in the MC world.

Clearly, Dr. Stapleton was just as involved and well-known around the MC campus back in her undergraduate days as she is now!  When asked about her MC Experience, Dr. Stapleton was overjoyed to share about the love she has for MC:

“I absolutely love MC!  I visited several schools prior to my senior year in High School and just knew this was the place for me. Yes, it sounds so cliché, but that is the truth. I grew up in south Georgia so the distance home was in the back of my mind, but for just a second… once I got on campus, I never looked back!  The MC years have been the best four years of my life.  The bonds of friendships that were formed during that time have lasted and strengthened over the last 20 years.  Now as a professor, I have the ability to share in new experiences at MC with the awesome students we have here.  More than 85% of the time, when students come visit my office, we aren’t discussing class… we chat about life things and build on that student/ faculty connection.  I highly recommend that you come visit MC and meet the people on campus.  What you get is a genuine experience- great education in a Christian environment.  You can’t beat that!  Go CHOCTAWS!!!!”

Keep coming back to Choctawk and looking for  more “When They Were Here” posts to find out about when some of the MC faculty and staff were students just like you!

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