Highlights of The Modern Language Department

I love the Modern Language Department of Mississippi College. It is located in the most beautiful building on Mississippi College’s campus, and I get to go there everyday! I am a sophomore Spanish major here at MC and I love every minute of it.

I started considering a Spanish degree during the summer before my senior year of high school when I traveled to Peru on a mission trip with my home church. I watched the interpreters as they interacted with the people, and I knew I wanted to communicate not only with Hispanic people in different countries, but also with Spanish-speaking people in my community. I would love to eventually work as an interpreter for local organizations or businesses.
During my time so far at MC, I have enjoyed being a part of the Modern Language Department. The faculty is amazing. All of the professors make the classes interesting and personal. Inside and outside of class, they are always willing to discuss my class-work and my future plans! I am also planning to study abroad my junior year in Spain with the Study Abroad program here at MC!
No matter what degree you are pursuing, foreign language classes can broaden your perspective, and increase your opportunities in any professional field!  If you are considering studying any foreign language, Mississippi College’s Modern Language Department is the place to be!
Also, check out their Facebook page here!

Check out our very own department chair, Dr. Stapleton when she was a (quite popular) student here at MC!


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