Kenneth majored in Christian Studies and so can you!

So the question you will get asked the most after the college train begins to leave the station is “what is your major?” I got my fair share of that question during the post high school—beginning of freshman year period of my life. It is completely alright to not know exactly what you are going to major in, but I decided to major in Christian studies. When you major in Christian studies you get to choose an emphasis from Bible, Ministry, Biblical Languages, and Philosophy. I decided to place my emphasis in Bible. I see God’s word as the most important tool we have to share the gospel with others.

You might ask “why, Christian studies?” Well, after I graduate I want to work with in a church doing youth ministry. Either part time or full-time. Most students that attend Mississippi College have been involved in youth ministry in the past. Youth ministry was a huge tool in my life that helped shaped me into who I am today. Two guys, Tim Heinze and Daniel Attaway had a huge impact in my life. They were youth interns at my church from 2005-2008, which was 8th-10th grade for me. Tim and Daniel made it a huge point to invest in me. They both discipled me by teaching me scripture, opening up their home to me anytime I wanted to come hangout, and setting great examples of what a godly man looks like. That’s why I chose Christian studies. I wanted to be equipped to teach others, just like I was taught.

Tim and Daniel

I hope you enjoyed the this blog. Another one is coming soon with some more details about being a Christian Studies major.

Have an awesome day! Senior blogger, Kenneth Gray

One response to “Kenneth majored in Christian Studies and so can you!

  1. I LOOVED the blog. I agree with you on God’s word being the most important tool we have and although I may not be majoring in Christian Studies, I do have a desire for learning the Word and expressing the Word to others!

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