Throwback Thursday: A Fishy Funeral

College is fun.  Part of that fun is getting to do things with close friends that you were probably “too cool” to do in high school.   My freshmen year, my friends and I held a fish funeral.

My friends Kenneth and Bennon had a pet fish named Petey.  Poor Petey lived a great life, but, like all fish, he eventually went to the big fish bowl in the sky.  So Kenneth, Bennon, and about ten other guys gathered around a bench on campus and held a funeral for their beloved pet.   One of our buddies preached, another sang “Amazing Grace,” and Kenneth and Bennon shared what a faithful friend Petey had been.  And of course, the whole event was full of laughter trying to be disguised as mourning.    While it may be quirky, Petey’s Fish Funeral is one of my favorite memories from freshmen year.

That’s my throwback for this Thursday. And like I said before, college is fun.


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