Elizabeth and English

Hey there! I’m Elizabeth Moore, a sophomore English Literature major at MC, and I basically have the greatest major on campus. I’ve always loved reading and writing, so as an English major I get to do all the reading and writing I want, sometimes more than I want… (all in the name of learning!) I get a lot of mixed reactions and bewildered stares when people hear I’m an English major. But it’s true, I really do love my major. Don’t get me wrong, it’s extremely difficult, time consuming, and frustrating at times, but I know that I was made to love English. The Lord has given me a passion for beauty, creativity, and specifically the artistry with words.

Growing up, I was the kid that would write anywhere and on anything I could find. I made my little brother play school with me; I was the teacher of course.  And in high school I nerdishly blogged and journalled, and read Jane Austen for fun.


But believe it or not, I hated my tenth grade English class. For a kid to whom school typically came naturally, this class was the first thing that didn’t make sense and I hardcore struggled through that class. But one night halfway though the year, while I was writing a paper on Shakespeare, everything suddenly clicked. The whole time I felt like I was blindly fighting though confusion, I was actually learning. I still remember calling my mom and triumphantly yelling “I understand Shakespeare!” From that day on I was sold. English became my favorite subject and I wanted to be just like my English teachers, teaching high-schoolers how to love literature too.

When I visited MC as a senior in high school, I met with Dr. Jonathan Randle, the head of the English Department, and fell in love with MC’s English Department and their philosophy behind teaching literature. On my visit I learned about the three different English major concentrations: English Literature, English Writing, and English Education. I finally decided on English Literature and I’ve never regretted it. Even though it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, I still love it and find my passion for words and literature growing with each semester.


I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with it once I graduate. I love to write, and I’m sure I would love to teach, but for now, I’m just content to keep pushing through confusion and learn as much as I can.

It’s definitely a difficult major full of late nights writing papers and my Keurig brewing nonstop, but I can’t help but love it all. I love that my second home is Cups and that they haven’t started charging me rent yet. I love the conversations in Jennings courtyard or in Dr. Randle’s office. I love wrestling with my own words to finally turn in a paper I’m proud of.

Yes, most of my spare time consists of reading, writing, revising, and sipping coffee (black…there’s no other way). But when you’re passionate about something, the knowledge that comes through the difficulties and the messiness makes it all worth it.

One response to “Elizabeth and English

  1. This is a very good blog! And although I’m a Nursing major I love reading and writing, too and am in the process of writing a few of my own stories. I hope you find the time to check them out on Fiction Press and look for the name Desiree Tolliver. I really enjoyed reading about your interests!

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