College Tips: In-Class Etiquette

College and high school differ in many ways, especially in regard to the make-up of their classes.  College lectures are taught by professors who are well educated in their field of study.  Because of this, they typically demand a higher level of respect and behavior from their class participants.  So….for this post, we want to focus on proper in-class etiquette for college classes.  Hopefully, these will help in the transition from high school classes to college classes.

–  Go to class:  The only way to learn the material is to attend class!  Show the professor that you interested in what you are learning!  Remember, you are paying to take these classes so get you money’s worth from them.  WARNING: If you hate 8 o-clock classes, that is okay!  Don’t sign up for one!

–  Arrive on time:  Arriving on time communicates your consideration of the work that your professor has contributed to class preparation.  Also, walking into class late is a huge distraction to your fellow classmates; so be on time!

–  Listen attentively:  Focus on the class you are in.  Don’t:  Text, use any social media, do work for other classes, or fall asleep. Do:  Ask questions, look interested (even if you’re not!)  As the great Jim Elliot once said, “Wherever you are, be all there.”

Don’t be like Kenneth…pay attention!

  –  Sit near the front:  Weird rule, right?  Nope.  Sitting near the front is a way to let your professor know that you are engaged in the class.  It can also help you stay focused and gives you greater motivation to remain alert.

–  Be prepared:  Have the proper materials (no one likes the guy who has to borrow a pen every class), do your homework, study for the exams (for best results, study prior to the night before), and take advantage of study groups!  College is all about building community, so get to know other students in your department.  Studying together will improve your academic success and will allow you to share opinions and perspectives about class material.

–  Speak up:  College classes are usually student-driven, and student participation is highly encouraged.  Professors appreciate discussion and ideas.  When professors ask questions, answer them, even if you think you might be wrong.  They will appreciate that you are paying attention.

–  Be personal with you professor:  This is especially true for Mississippi College professors.  We have a 16:1 student-teacher ratio which allows the professors to become acquainted with many of their students.  Talk with your professor after class and discuss grades, assignments, and additional questions.  They will be grateful for your interest in the material.

–  Respect your teacher:  Your professors have been in school longer than you have been alive!  Show them some respect.  One of my professors actually paused his lecture once and walked to the back of the room to confront a person who was texting in class.  Be respectful and do not let this happen to you.

–  And finally….NO SEAT CHANGING after the first week:  Some might say there is not an official seating a chart.  Don’t be deceived:  There is ALWAYS. A. Seating. Chart.

Buena suerte!

Morgána y Andrés – los amigos mejores

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