College Tips for Your Future College Days

So most of you aren’t quite in college yet, but it’s important to go ahead a start stocking up on advice and filing it away for the future. Here’s just a few tips to put in pocket for that fast-approaching day when you become a college student.

1. Be confident in who you are! Balancing a healthy amount of self-confidence without being cocky will give you a friendly countenance and a contagious personality.

2. Be time-smart! Use random hours here and there during the day to get homework or studying done so you’re not crunched for time when your friends decide to do something spontaneous or throw a dance party later that night.

1. Beware of the fourth meal. Staying up late is fun and inevitable in the life of every college student, but those late night Taco Bell runs that turn into daily rituals will turn into the freshman 15..or 20..or yeah. Every one in a while? Sure! Every night, bad idea.

3. Kroger receipts have coupons on the back of them. Poor college students, take heed!

5. Refrain from going home every weekend. Even if you live nearby, it’s essential to assimilate into your new college-life and find your community as soon as possible.

4. Buying books off of or save you lots of book money, and often times you can either sell them back online or sell them to your friends.

5. Finding a great coffee shop or a favorite spot in the library will help you get studying done, instead of staying in your room where you’ll be tempted to watch TV or “accidently” fall asleep.

6. Meet new people! It’s awesome to know high school friends in college, but do your best to form relationships with lots of new people right off the bat!


One response to “College Tips for Your Future College Days

  1. Love the way you organized your blog! The information included was very helpful. Thanks for the tips and I will be sure to put them to good use in the near future!

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