College Tips: College Begins

When I started college here at MC, I was just like any other normal student. My only concerns were my classes and attempting to make new friends. After my first semester was over, I felt like there were a ton things I wish I had known before I moved here. Here’s a few college tips that you should definitely consider before coming to college.

1) Don’t skip class too often. That might sound lame to start off with, but it’s may be the best tip someone could offer you. You never know when your professor may give that crucial test hint or extra credit for being in class that day. Trust me, that’s much cooler than your desire to skip class to hang out with your new “BFF’s!!!” as you play “Ninja” on the quad.

2) Don’t make plans to “wake up early”. Let’s be real, you’re lying to yourself. The chances of you waking up an hour early to finish that paper, or study for that test are zero. This is common misconception among students. Stay up late, finish your work. However tired you are at 2 in the morning, that won’t even compare the feeling of your head exploding when your alarm goes off just four hours later.

3) Flip Flops in the bathroom. Nothing else needs to be said.

4) Say no to homesick. Whether you are ten minutes or ten hours from home, you are going to fight to desire to go home every weekend during your first semester. Listen to me, that is the worst decision you can make. Whatever you feel like you are missing-out on back at home, you are missing-out on more here. This is your life now. This is where you live. Accept it and fall in love with it. If you do that, MC will become just as much of a family as your “home” is.

5) Have a good relationship with your professors. At this point in life, hating your teachers is no longer cool. In fact, it’s dumb. The professors at this school will do whatever it takes to help you make a good grade, they just need to know that you are on board. Go by their office, say hi when you see them on quad, and be on their side. Trust me, you’ll need that good relationship when you forget to turn in that paper that’s worth half of your final grade.

I hope you all learned something from this. If you did, you are miles ahead of where I was as a senior in high school.

– Jordan

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