Sufjan Stevens Christmas

So it’s that wonderful post thanksgiving time of year! As soon as the cowboys lost and the turkey had been cooked the jingle bells started ringing. So for all of those Christmas music fans out there I have two words: Sufjan (Sue-Fee-On) Stevens.

One of my favorite musician of all time just happens to have two incredible volumes of Christmas music! You can listen to his newest volume Silver and Gold here and it’s amazing!  Sufjan is incredible at  experimenting with different types of music, which is evident on the album. The album goes from a dreamy-folk version of “Silent Night” to a 9 minute auto-tuned version of “Do you hear what I hear?” It’s hard to describe, because it’s so awesome. Check it out. Sufjan just put a 12 song ep on Noise Trade! download it now.It will change your Christmas(es) forever. Enjoy!

-Kenneth Gray, Telecounselor, Christmas Lover, senior music lover

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