Wireless Printing

I did not know until the week after thanks giving that you could wirelessly print directly to the library. Long gone are the days of emailing yourself and logging onto the library computer to print it out. Now you can send your papers strait to the printer in the library, Self, and MCC. If your like me, then you saw a tweet (or a blog in this case) and you had no clue how to do this.

Here is the step by step printing guide:

1. Go to Papercut.mc.edu and sign in with your MC user name

2. Click the Web Print option on the left side tool bar and submit your job

3. Choose your printer

4. You choose your document and then complete, and select your job beside the printer

5. Staple and turn in for that A+!

I hope this is hopeful. I think it’s awesome and a great time saver. No more waiting for a computer in the library. Now it’s just click, print, done. Now go wireless print!

-Kenneth Gray, senior telecounselor and wireless printer

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