Stocking Stuffers

Whether you are a student thinking of how to best prepare for college or someone looking for gift ideas, here are some stocking-stuffer ideas that any college student will love and appreciate!

Extra Cables!

You never know when you will go home from college and forget to bring back your phone charger. Ask for a spare in your stocking this year!


Studying in the library, and watching videos on youtube, can do a number to a pair of earphones. A back up pair is nice to have on hand for when you blow your speakers or when your backpack decides it is hungry.


Ask for something a little out there, like an HDMI cable. This guy will connect your laptop to you TV. This is great for watching DVDs in your dorm when you don’t have a DVD player, if you have a Netflix account, or if you frequent Hulu! (These cords do come in various sizes, so make sure you get one that matches with your computer. Also, make sure it has audio transfers!)


Merry Christmas and Happy Finals Week!


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