New Year’s Resolution: Be a Better Student


As a senior, entering my last semester of college, I only have one more chance to do things right. That is why I am compiling a list for my College New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a win/win situation. I get to finish out my undergraduate career strong, and I only have to keep my resolutions for one semester!! Just kidding, but really, that’s some serious motivation.

Student Resolutions for the New Year

  • Begin projects AHEAD OF TIME, as in like a week  in advance and not 24 hours. This is something that has been on my list of things to work on since freshman year, and I was probably better at time management then than I am now. This last semester, I want to schedule out my assignments so that I can work on them effciently and thoroughly, and NOT be stressed out the 3 hours before they are due. Man that sounds nice!
  • Keep up with Library Book Due Dates. Especially as an English major, it is easy to have 13 books out at one time, all of which you checked out on different days. It is very unlikely that I will be carrying all of those books around when the time comes to renew or return them. I recently discovered that, at MC, you can renew your books online. Next semester I will do this to avoid having $3.50 of fines
  • Eat regular meals. As a college student, finding time for meals, appropriate times for meals that is, is something that is often overlooked. If I ate breakfast at 10:00, lunch at 2:30, and dinner at 10:00, I wouldn’t fall asleep until 2:00. Talk about a whacked-up schedule. This semester, I want to do a better job at scheduling my meals, so that I am healthy and well-rested for all that college life brings.


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