The Quad

The Quad is a central hang out spot for all MC College students. There you find students playing Frisbee, hammocking, studying, picnicking, and the occasional guitar casanova freshman serenading the ladies. We know that social setting such as what prospective students anticipate as they enter the college scene. But MC offers a scene for potential students to join… and it is also called The Quad.

The Quad is an online forum, like Facebook, for students who will be attending MC. If you are looking for a future roommate, scouting out tribes, or wondering about different majors, The Quad has a wealth of information for you. Most of your future classmates will have a profile page, so you can begin getting to know each other before you set foot on campus.


Also, your admissions counselors and some current students are on The Quad. You can us questions or just get to know us as well! Being on the Quad is a good way to get connected and informed about what is going on at MC. When you apply to MC, look out for an invitation to the Quad from your MC Admissions Counselor

One response to “The Quad

  1. I didn’t know my admissions counselor was on The Quad. Thanks for that bit of information! I’ll be sure to check that out when I find the time.

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