College Prep Checklist


Let’s face it, College preparations can get tedious and overwhelming. There is so much paper work to be filled out, information to get, and decisions to be made. These things are inevitable.

One thing that would be good to get done over the break is your FAFSA. This is another form you have to fill out in order to attend school, but there are also benefits to filling this out as soon as possible.

One thing that this form does is gauge the amount of federal student aid and loans that you will be elligble for. Filling this early will give you a better idea of the kind of scholarships and financial aid you need for a school.

Also, this form isn’t something you can fill out in 5 minutes. You need lots of information on hand, like tax records and driver’s license numbers from your parents. Set aside 20 minutes with your parents so that you can check this bad boy off of your college prep list!

(If you want to jumpstart filling yours out today, click on the picture above)


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