Your Very Own College-Prep Checklist: ACT


If you’ve taken the ACT once, that’s great! But don’t stop there!  Keep bumping up that score and bump up your scholarship opportunities!

How to prepare for the ACT:

Active: Sitting around and worrying about the ACT is not fun and NOT beneficial. Get your hands on some practice ACT tests and improve your skills. For English, brush up on your grammar rules. For Math, review some basic formulas that you may have learned in Algebra and Geometry. Also, make sure your calculator is in good shape and that you know how to use it! For Reading, all you can do is practice your speed-reading and work on comprehending the material quickly and thoroughly! And finally, for Science, always read the questions FIRST!

calculator and pencil

Cereal, orange juice, toast, and eggs. The breakfast of champions. All these things give you energy, extra focus, and a satisfied stomach!


Time: As you all probably know, the ACT is timed. The most IMPORTANT thing you can bring (besides your brain and your calculator) is a WATCH! Wear a digital watch to every ACT that you take and when the proctor says “start,” start your own stop watch. Look at the time every once in a while. Pace yourself and don’t stress!watchesss

And finally, here’s a little perspective: Once you finish your college career, you will never remember the ACT. So don’t stress about it! Do your best and work to the glory of God! Good luck!!


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