Friday Nights at MC

Clinton, Mississippi is a great location to go to college. Here at Mississippi College we are less than a thirty minute drive from all kinds of entertainment for the young adult group. I’m gonna walk you through what a typical Friday night could be like for you if you went to MC!


WOO! Classes are done for the week! Time to get with your buds and hatch a plan for the night. Start with eating lunch in the caf, no point in spending more money than necessary, right?


By the time you’ve rounded up anyone you want to bring with you, hop in someone’s car and jump on the Natchez Trace towards Ridgeland. There you have the Renaissance, an outdoor shopping mall, and Northpark Mall, an indoor one. Even if you’re just window shopping, it’s a ton of fun to just hang out and spend time with your friends.

The Renaissance

The Renaissance


Go a little further down the Trace and you’ll find the Overlook, just past Madison. Lay down a blanket, put on some music, throw a frisbee — you really can’t go wrong.


By now you’re getting hungry. Don’t want to spend money? Caf it is! Or you could treat yourself by heading back to Clinton. There’s a plethora of wallet-friendly restaurants to choose from on Highway 80 such as Chick-Fil-A, El Sombrero, and Mazzios.


Quality time! Go hang out in one of the dorm lobbies with a board game, or take a walk around Clinton! This is the chill time you’ve been waiting all week for.


If you’re like me and use the weekend for catching up on sleep, you’re telling your friends goodnight at this point. For all you who like to take advantage of the weekend though, I recommend going bowling. It’s not expensive, right there in town, and who doesn’t like bowling?!

Indian Lanes bowling alley in Clinton!

And hey, if you’re feeling really risky, maybe even try to get some homework done. It couldn’t hurt anything!

Living for the weekend,


One response to “Friday Nights at MC

  1. Ya’ll got a bowling alley? Well, shut up and me! I’ve been practically EVERYWHERE looking for a bowling alley! I should have discovered Clinton a long time ago. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself :).

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