Favorite Spot on Campus

The Quad

College life is often shaped by the places where students spend their time. For some students it their time is mostly spent in the dorm, others often study away in the library, and some hang out with friends in a student building. Mississippi College has a unique location for students of all walks–The Quad.

The Quad is my favorite spot on MC’s campus. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon hammocking, reading, or hanging out with friends. Some of my favorite MC memories have taken place on the Quad. I’ve made tons of new friends and learned cool things from my time spent on the quad!

It is also home to MC tailgating every fall where family, friends, and alumni gather to eat and hangout before the big game. Multiple campus activities take place including concerts, Derby Day in the spring, and Lighting of the Quad every December!

The Quad is pretty much the hub of MC life. Any MC student will find themselves spending loads of time here, either playing a round of frisbee or running into a friend on the way to class. No matter which college you chose, be on the look out for places like the MC Quad. Jump out of your comfort zone freshman year and meet people, lots of different people. Find new friendships and pick up new hobbies- You definitely won’t regret it!

-Katelyn and Taylor

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