Senior Year Bucket List

Bucket List

So it’s your senior year of high school, and you absolutely can’t wait to get to college. You’ve been counting down for quite a while now, and this last semester of your senior year feels like its meaningless.

Well… Here is a tip from a guy who has been there: it’s not meaningless. In fact, in a lot of ways this last semester has more meaning and purpose behind it than your entire high school career. Here’s a few important things to keep in mind as you prepare for the next phase of your life.

1) Don’t wish away high school. That might sound weird at first, but just think about the fact that there are people that you have seen almost every day for the last 12 years of your life, and the chances are high that you will never see most of them ever again. Don’t be too anxious to get away from them. Enjoy these last few months and even make new relationships if you can. Looking back, you’ll be more than glad that you did.

2) Enjoy the last few months of living at home. I’ve been a senior in high school once, so I know exactly what you are thinking. You are tired of your hometown, and you are ready to move away. While I believe it’s a good thing to look forward to the next step in life, “home” will never exactly be the same once you leave. Be content and take joy in the last few months you have to spend living with your family. In a few years you will be wishing you could spend as much time with them as possible.

3) Take a roadtrip. You’re a senior. You have your best friends, and you’re all about to leave and go somewhere new. Gather as much money as you can, call all your best friends, and get in the car. Drive a long way away and make it the best vacation you could possibly imagine. Stay safe, have fun, and this will be a memory that you never forget.

4) Ride your bike to school. Think about it, this could be awesome. Get your entire senior class to do this with you. It’s an awesome sight to pull up to the school and see 300 bicycles in parking spots. If you do it the right way, you could even end up with a police escort and possibly on the news. It could be huge.

5) Dress as up as something awesome to your senior prom. When your in high school, your prom is the most anticipated event of the year. Do yourself a favor — don’t take it seriously. Dress up as something fun (zomebie, cowboy, star wars, etc). Those pictures will be fun to look at years later, and everyone in college will think you’re awesome for it.


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