From the Other Side: Leading D-Now

Disciple Now

Remember those highly anticipated Disciple Now weekends with your church youth group? Complete with the young, cool band, the not-so-young-but-still-cool speaker, crazy games and activities, awesome worship services, host homes, and functioning on two hours of sleep?

Tons of fun go into these action-packed, worship-filled weekends, but D-Now would not be the same without your awesome college leader.

When I went to D-Now’s and Christian camps in junior high and high school, I remember thinking my leaders were so cool and I would never reach that level of coolness.

Before I knew it I was in college–too old to be a D-Now student, but in a great place with plenty of opportunities to lead. It seemed like every weekend there was a D-Now happening in the area, and several churches around the Jackson area were eager to recruit Mississippi College student leaders. Soon, I applied and was signed up to lead my first D-Now. It was the most challenging but most rewarding service experience I’ve ever had.


It’s definitely intimidating at first, to step into a group of teenagers who think you’re cool and expect you to lead them to Jesus. But freedom comes with the realization that God is doing all the work, He is simply choosing to invest in His kids by working through you.

For those of you looking for ways to serve and ways for the Lord to challenge you outside of your comfort zone, leading D-Now is just one way Mississippi College provides service opportunities that allow you to forget about yourself and your comfort, and step out in the strength of Jesus for His glory. Campus ministries like the BSU, RUF, social tribes, service clubs, the community service center, and local churches are all eager to get college student involved in service. Mission trips, apartment ministries, service behind the scenes, and service on the front lines are all readily available for anyone who is willing to seek it out and get plugged in.


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