What NOT to do: part three

It is time again to share my wisdom (or lack there of) with all of you lovely folks! My next piece of advice for all you Choctaws on what not to do your first semester here at Mississippi College is do NOT use all of your meal points at the beginning of the semester! If you live on campus, you are allowed 3 meals a day in the cafeteria, and you are granted 200 “points” to use at one of our on-campus restaurants, Tuscany, Hampstead’s, and Pimento’s! The points basically work the same way as dollars.


Tuscany has awesome pizza and Starbucks coffee. Hampstead’s Grill can make a great burger, but I always get the chicken strips! And at Pimento’s attached to the bookstore, you can’t go wrong with anything. I know it’s tempting with all these great options, but believe me when I say you’ll want something other than Caf food and ramen noodles the week before finals!

Stay hungry,


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