The Perks of An Admissions Counselor

One of the best parts of applying to Mississippi College is the fact that there is a specific admissions counselor that is assigned to local areas of perspective students. This means when you apply, there is an admissions counselor that will help you out every step of the way. Our admissions counselors at this school are top notch and will provide you with an application process and a series of campus visits that you won’t forget– all hopefully leading you to the point where you feel comfortable and at ease about your college admissions process.

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My admissions counselor was Micheal Wright. Let me tell you, the admissions world doesn’t get better than this guy. He built a solid relationship with me and my family. He was consistently in communication with me, not just pushing the idea of attending college here, but wanting to know how I was doing on a personal and spiritual level. I felt like Micheal was a friend, not just a college recruiter

The admissions counselors will also make random trips to your town. Any day, they can show up at your high school with cookies, pizza, soft drinks, etc. These days are awesome (and provide a slick way to get out of class if I do say so myself.) There are also nights where your admissions counselor will come to your town and treat you and the other perspective students in your area to a meal at your favorite restaurant.  Not only do you get a free meal, but you get an opportunity get to know some students you may possibly attend school with!

Overall, my admissions counselor played a large role in why I chose attend school at Mississippi College. They will offer great guidance and wisdom when it comes to choosing a school, and will ultimately support your decision regardless of what that decision looks like. They care about you as a person, not just a perspective student. Above coming to Mississippi College, the admissions staff wants you to be where the Lord wants you to be, and they want to help every step of the way.

– Jordan

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