Admissions Counselor Spotlight – Jacob ‘JD’ Daniel

J.D. Admissions

Meet Jacob “JD” Daniel. This might be JD’s first year as an MC admissions counselor, but his contributions to the Choctaw staff are far from amateur.  J.D. covers recruiting for south Alabama and Florida along with Meridian and its surrounding counties.  Locally, J.D. covers the high schools of Northwest Rankin, Jackson Prep, Hartfield Academy and Pisgah High School.  He also recruits at Holmes Community College. So, if you are from any of these areas, get ready to have one of the best admission’s counselors MC has to offer!

J.D.  is a huge people person.  He loves meeting people from all walks of life.  One his favorite activities is befriending new people and getting the opportunity to listen to their life stories.  J.D. is hyper-competitive and is never one to shy away from a competition.  He has to win; there is no other option.  Jacob is an avid Cross-fitter and loves spending his time at the gym.

J.D. became an admissions counselor because of the role the MC played in his own life.  Jacob Daniel was a transfer student at Mississippi College a few years ago.  He played baseball for the Choctaws and also met his wife, Trisha, here.  J.D. is a full-blown Choctaw.  Most importantly, Mississippi College is the place where J.D. met Christ.  Jacob became a Christian during his short time at MC and was able to grow immensely from the discipleship of other believers on campus.  In short, J.D.’s truest desire is to bring other students into the environment where he met the Lord.  MC has been an integral factor in the shaping of Jacob’s life and he wants other people to experience that growth and change.

Jacob Daniel

If J.D. had advice to offer high school students, he would encourage them to live in the present.  High school seniors are so often focused on graduation that they miss some of the great experiences that high school still has to offer them.  In the same, some people who get to college remain too preoccupied with their high school days.  People should learn to enjoy the life the Lord has given them in the present.  We should be satisfied with the life stage we are in and not be overly focused on what is to come.

Also, J.D. would advice high school seniors to not follow their boyfriend/girlfriend to college. Just don’t do it.  You shouldn’t choose a school based on another person’s decision; choose a school for you.  Trust J.D., it will be better in the end.

If you have any questions for J.D.  feel free to e-mail him at  He would love to chat with you about anything under the sun.

Admissions Expert and Interviewer Extraordinaire,


One response to “Admissions Counselor Spotlight – Jacob ‘JD’ Daniel

  1. I’m glad you feel J.D. is the best admissions counselors ever at MC! I feel the same way about Miss Elizabeth Wallace who, by the way, is my admissions counselor. I met with my admissions counselor the day of my college visit and I gotta tell you, it made my day much better. I hope you have a great rest of the day!

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