Favorite Spot on Campus – Pimento’s Edition

Pimento's Outside

One of the essential parts of MC student life is the food.  Students who live on campus are given a meal plan which allows them to eat a certain number of meals per week in the caf.  In addition to these meals, the students are allotted $200 of points to spend at the various restaurants on campus.  This is an amazing option for students because it allows them to eat some quality food without spending the extra money.  This past fall saw the addition of a new establishment here at Mississippi College called Pimento’s.  This place has certainly become a hub of student life since its September opening.

Pimento’s Café has quickly become one of my favorite places on MC’s campus.  It can be utilized for a variety of purposes.  Pimento’s is a great place to catch up with a close friend over a breakfast or lunch.  It is also a wonderful place to hang out with a large group of people for a free dinner on a school night.  On Saturday, Pimento’s is typically much less crowded and can be a relaxing place to read and study.  The outside dinning area is the perfect spot to spend a warm afternoon.(And we have plenty of those, even in January and February)

Pimento's Dinner

Pimento’s has some delicious food and is a fun, chill environment.  It is certainly a premium spot on MC’s campus.


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