College Tip: From the Dorm Room to the Office: Communication

So, you’re about to make the big transition from high school to college. One of the most exciting, and possibly most challenging, change that college brings is a brand new roommate! Although many of you may share a room with your siblings, having a roommate is a lot different. Think about it. Even IF you’ve lived with a sibling, this is the first time that you will be in an unfamiliar environment with an unfamiliar person.
DORM #1College is an exciting experience, and getting along with your roommate is essential to your growth. No matter if you’ve got a great roommate or a terrible one, it is important to have a healthy look into how YOU can maintain or improve a great living space. Living and getting along with one person prepares you for getting along with multiple people in your future workplace!

Here is one of the many tips that will help you to live peacefully with your roommate and be more prepared for your adult life:

 Communication:     Whatever you do, don’t make it awkward! Good communication is necessary for a healthy relationship with your roommate. The best thing you can do is to make communication easy from the start.

  • Find out about a few of their habits, like what time they like to wake up or go to sleep.
  • Ask when they have tests and when they will be up late studying.
  • Be honest with them if you have a problem, so that they can respect your feelings and your need for privacy.
  • Let them know that you care about them! A simple “See you later,” when you leave or “what’s up,” when you walk in the room can go a long way.

Who knows? A simple assigned roommate can become a great friend!DORM #2

Communication in the dorm room applies directly to the workplace. Your co-workers need to know what kind of employee you are, and you need to communicate with them on how to work together effectively. Your employers will notice when you and your co-workers are effectively finishing tasks and resolving conflict.

 “If you can live harmoniously with someone in a 20×20 ft. space, you can do anything” 

This pearl of wisdom and other helpful tips can be found here.

May your roommates be cheerful and polite,


One response to “College Tip: From the Dorm Room to the Office: Communication

  1. Thanks for the tip! I hope it works out fine with my roommate! Sadly, me and my roommate don’t communicate that often. It’s like a once in a while thing. Anyway, thanks! Have a nice day :)!

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