Admissions Counselor Spotlight-Elizabeth Wallace


Meet Elizabeth Wallace! Elizabeth, a native of Brandon, MS, graduated from MC with a degree in Public Relations, and has been an admissions counselor for the past 6 years. She recruits in Central and South Louisiana, Southwest Mississippi, and the local schools of Brandon High School, East Rankin Academy, and Parkplace Christian Academy. She is currently getting her Masters in School Counseling and dreams of being a high school counselor.

Elizabeth was actually my admissions counselor! I met her at the MC table during a college fair in high school. My mom and I immediately became great friends with Elizabeth, and it wasn’t long before she helped me schedule my first campus visit. Elizabeth is very good at making students feel loved and welcomed as a future member of the MC family, and she emphasizes the importance of spiritual growth during your college years.

Some exciting news in Elizabeth’s life! She’s getting married!! Her fiance, Chris Moore, proposed in Provine chapel on New Years and they are now busying themselves with wedding plans. My favorite part of this whole arrangement is that we’ll have the same first and last name! Win! Some other random facts about Elizabeth include her love of all things pop-culture and boy-band. She even has a bobble-head of Justin Timberlake in her office. The obsession is real, people.

Elizabeth has a genuine heart for high school students and gives this advice to college-bound students: “Make sure you get involved both on campus and in a local church. Also, on your college search, find a college where you feel at home. I knew MC was for me because I felt at home each time I visited campus.”

Get excited to find out who your admissions counselor is! Connect with us, and you can meet him or her and get more information about MC in the process!

-Elizabeth Moore

One response to “Admissions Counselor Spotlight-Elizabeth Wallace

  1. I met with Elizabeth Wallace at a local college fair at the Vicksburg Convention Center, but I didn’t remember her until after my very first college visit (funny how my brain clicks afterwards instead of at the moment). Thanks for the blog! Have a nice day :)!

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