From the Dorm Room to the Office: Conflict Resolution

       Conflict resolution: Let’s be real; No one likes conflict. We do our best to prevent it, but sometimes it is just unavoidable. Conflict can turn sour fast, but if you know how to handle it in a mature way, your roommate AND your future colleagues will appreciate it!


First, make sure that you discuss with your roommate ways that you two will resolve conflict BEFORE you ever have any conflict. Approach them in a loving way about problems you may have with them, BUT try not to be too picky about what bothers you. Choose your battles wisely!

I talked with my roommate at the beginning of this year and gave her permission to tell me if I was doing anything that bothered her or disturbed her. Giving her that freedom was actually very freeing to me, because I trusted her to speak up when I was bothering her. It’s been a great year and we haven’t had any problems so far!

Sometimes conflict arises because of bad communication. To find out how to avoid bad communication with your roommates or co-workers, check out our previous college tip about communication here.

It’s really important to have a good working relationship with your co-workers first, so that you can resolve conflict easily. Conflict is inevitable; how you work it out is what counts. Just like with your roommate, some conflict can be avoided because it isn’t important! Choose wisely the problems you address, and communicate politely. Give your colleagues a chance to critique your work as well, and receive correction with an open mind. When you respect the opinions of others, they will be more prone to respect yours.
Remember that there is no perfect roommate, and no perfect workplace. Your job is to make the best of it, conflict or not.

Pre-college tip: Begin now to pray for your future roommate! These two girls prayed that the Lord would give them godly and kind roommates. It worked!roomies

Whether the Lord chooses to give you a fast friend as a roommate or one who has completely opposite interests, you will definitely face conflict in your years living with another college student. It is simply unavoidable.

But it is not a terrible thing. Facing and dealing with conflict will put you and your roommate in a position that can result in mutual growth and respect of differences, and wisdom. You don’t want to pass up any opportunity to get some of that.

One response to “From the Dorm Room to the Office: Conflict Resolution

  1. Well, I have already confirmed my roommate and chose a room for us, so all there is left to do is to see how well it works out… Well, I hope you found a good roommate. Thanks for the blog and have a nice day :)!

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