4 Things You Must Do Before You Graduate From MC

While you’re hard at work getting that degree, don’t forget to live a little in college! Here at Mississippi College, there’s a few experiences you HAVE to try before you graduate!

Photo by Emily Vaughn

Photo by Emily Vaughn

1. Hammock on the Quad

A little stereotypical of Mississippi College students, but for good reason! A relaxing day swinging between two trees, reading your favorite book or chatting it up with friends is a part of the MC experience.

2. Have a good conversation with Ms. Rose at Tuscany

Ms. Rose has been with Mississippi College for 10 years, and she is the sweetest lady you will ever meet (any student will agree with me). If you’ve been to Tuscany, you have most  likely come across Ms. Rose introducing herself. And if you haven’t, you are sure to meet her while on a college visit! A conversation with her will brighten your day.


Photo cred to the lovely Laurie Waits

3. Take a night trip to New Orleans for beignets

If you didn’t already know, MC is just  about a 3 hour drive from New Orleans, LA. Also, if you didn’t know, that’s just long enough to have an awesome road trip with friends and not kill each other! Pile into a car with some buddies and hit up Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter for some yummy treats.

4. Take a water fitness class

Get your pre-reqs out of the way first, but when it comes to your junior or senior year and you have to knock out some electives, consider taking a class in Alumni pool! It’s fun, easy, and a GPA booster. You can choose from any of these classes:

  • Water Aerobics
  • Aqua Power Steps
  • Water Walking
  • Water Volleyball (highly recommended by one of my fellow Choctawkers!)
  • Deep Water Running

I just realized I’ve only done 2 of those things, and I’m a junior… Gotta go!


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