Super Spring Break Suggestions

One of the most anticipated weeks of the year for the majority of college students comes around mid-March.  The illustrious spring break is a favored time by many college students seeking an escape from the routine and the ordinary.  There are so many incredible ways for college students to spend their break, but so many people let these opportunities pass them by.  To avoid the danger of spring break monotony, I simply want to offer you seekers a few options for your future spring break endeavors.

1.  Take an epic road trip.

This is college.  The life of limited responsibility is quickly fading.  Most people dream about taking a road trip one day but never translate this desire into action.  The time of waiting is over.  Get with some close friends, map out an adaptable plan of action, and hit the road.  Always be certain to leave a little room for the unexpected.  Jim Elliot said that the domesticated person is unfit for adventure.  Don’t let yourself be “domesticated.”  Adventure is out there; get exploring.

2.  Go on a mission trip.

One week is the perfect length of time to go on a short term mission trip.  Many of the churches around Mississippi College send several teams out all over the world to preach the gospel to the nations and minister to those who are hurting.  Last March, I went with a team of 15 to Haiti where we spent a week working at an orphanage in Port-au-Prince.  We got to play with kids and teach the Bible for 10 days.  It was life-changing.  But beware, if this is your first 3rd world experience, culture shock is sure to follow.

Philippines Children

Haiti New Life

3.  Go skiing.

So many people think the beach is where it’s at during spring break.  That’s far too cliché for my tastes.  Head to the mountains and hit the slopes.  Skiing is incredibly fun and there are numerous resorts that will cater to spring break skiers.  It might cost a little dough, but it’s well worth the experience.

Ski Trip

4.  Volunteer at a local ministry.

If you’re running low on cash, this is an excellent option for you.  Don’t let the idea of volunteer work fool you; this can still be a blast.  Sophomore year, I joined a few guys and we spent our spring break at  We Will Go in Jackson, MS.  We lived downtown, did some work on a few dilapidated houses, and bro’d out for five days straight.  I seriously cannot think of any other way I would have rather spent that break.

Austin and Kenneth working

5.  Go camping with friends.

This is another budget friendly option.  Load up on your favorite snacks (don’t forget the necessary s’mores items) and head into the wilderness.  There are so many places to camp both near and far.  Be sure to check out some interesting hiking trails while you’re at it.  Hiking is a great way to experience nature and clear your head during your break from schoolwork.  I personally suggest bringing a hammock along for this venture.  There are infinite places to hang these wonders of canvas.  So take a hike, hang a hammock, watch the sunset, and contemplate life.  It’s good for the soul.

Philippines hammock

6.  Visit friends at other schools.

Moving off to college often causes some geographical separation from your high school friends.  Fortunately, not all schools align their spring breaks.  This gives you the ability to visit your friends across many different campuses.  Reunite with old friends and share in the local restaurants and hangouts they are surrounded by every week.  You should also offer to host your friends when they come to visit your town during their break.  This will give each of you better insight into your respective new stages of life.

7.  Go to a concert

March is the month for music festivals and concerts.  If you are a music lover like Kenneth, then there are no shortage of bands you want to see live.  Spring break allots the perfect number of days for you to check out a local festival or a cool concert slightly out of reach.  Kenneth personally recommends South by Southwest but feel free to explore all options.

I hope these suggestions have spurred some ideas for your future springs.  Get out there and do something unique.  You only get four college spring breaks, so make them count.

All-time Adventure Enthusiast,

– Andrew

One response to “Super Spring Break Suggestions

  1. I wish I could do something extraordinary NOW, but I guess I can wait until college spring break. Hope you make the best of yours. Have a nice day 🙂

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