Admissions Counselor Spotlight – Tyler Wade

Tyler Wade

Meet “the” Tyler Wade!  This man has been a useful addition to the admissions staff since December 2010.  Locally, Tyler recruits for Pearl HS, Hillcrest Christian, Raymond HS, Terry HS, Central Hinds Academy, Coahoma Community College, and MS Delta Community College.  Tyler also covers the region of West Central Mississippi and the entire state of Texas.  To top that off, Tyler does recruiting for all the local homeschoolers as well.  Needless to say, Tyler Wade has his hands full when it comes to MC admissions.

Tyler graduated from Mississippi College in December 2010 and immediately began his work as one of MC’s finest admissions counselors.  His favorite aspect of working with admissions is that he gets to know the students who come here.  Tyler Wade loves MC’s campus and enjoys getting to know the people who will be spending their next four years here.  Tyler met his wife Emily at MC so he definitely knows how much a person’s college decision can impact their life.  He wants to know each student’s story and what has led them individually to their interest in MC.  Being an admissions counselor certainly affords him this opportunity.

Running is one of the many passions that consumes Tyler’s time.  He actually just completed the St. Jude half marathon on December 1st of last year.  This was the first of, hopefully, many half marathons to come.  Tyler gets super pumped about all things soccer.  He actually played soccer all 4 years he was a student at MC.  Currently, Tyler has the joy of coaching 6-12 year-olds in the great sport he knows and loves.  Tyler is also currently enrolled in one of MC’s Master’s programs specifically focused on athletic administration.  When Coach Wade is not running around or coaching soccer, he spends time with his golden retriever Ellie who pretty much dominates his entire instagram 24-7.  Just a fair warning should you choose to start following him.

Tyler is extremely energetic which greatly helps him thrive in his constant on-the-go schedule.  Tyler feels that his personality has the perfect blend of easy-going determination.  He is super laid-back and remains calm in most stressful situations, but likes to be thorough when getting a job done and has to remain completely organized.  It is impossible to focus if things are unorganized.

The Men of MC Admissions

The main advice Tyler would offer current high school seniors is that they should be in constant communication with their family concerning the development of their college plans.  Do not leave your parents in the dark about what’s going on.  Keep them in the loop and let them help you make your decision.  It’s really easy to let pride be your downfall as you try to shoulder this decision on your own.  Your parents truly do have your best interest in mind and are willing to help… let them.

In the same sense, pray heavily about your decision.  Choosing a college is not something you should take lightly.  Seek the Lord and let Him guide you as you make your collegiate decisions.  Prayer helps a lot and makes decision-making much less stressful.

Tyler Wade would love to meet you and hear your story.  If you have any questions for him or you just want to get to know him, you should e-mail him at

– Andrew

One response to “Admissions Counselor Spotlight – Tyler Wade

  1. I would love to but he doesn’t recruit in my area. Nevertheless, I sure hope to get to meet him one day. Hope you have a wonderful Spring Break. Have a nice day :)!

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