Admissions Counselor Spotlight: Anna Beasley

Anna Beasley

Let me introduce Anna Beasley.  This is one of the last times Anna will be introduced as Miss Beasley since she is getting married in a matter of days!  On April 6th, Anna is going to marry Mr. Daniel Mortimer another fine MC admissions counselor….but this isn’t his blog….so let’s talk about Anna.  Presently, Anna Beasley recruits for Arkansas, west Tennessee, and northern Mississippi around DeSoto county.  Locally, she is the admissions counselor for Veritas School, St. Andrew’s, Ridgeland High, and Jackson Academy.

After her graduation in 2011, Anna instantly began her work as an MC admissions counselor.  This was hardly a difficult transition for her as she was basically being trained for this position the entire time she was at MC.  Anna worked as a student worker in the admission office all four years she was an MC student and was also heavily involved with Scouts which is Mississippi College’s branch of student recruiters.  The position opened at the right time, and MC could not have found a better, more capable person to add to their staff.

For Anna, the best part about working as an admissions counselor is that it doesn’t feel like work.  She simply gets to travel around, meet new people, and tell others about a school that is very dear to her.  Anna also enjoys the fact that being an admissions counselor provides varying seasons of work.  The spring and fall semesters along with the summer each provide alternating responsibilities which keep Anna on her toes.  She also enjoys getting to see her former recruits on campus as they are growing and changing as official MC students.

Anna B.

It’s not obvious on the outside, but Anna Beasley is an absolute nerd on the inside.  If you talk to her long enough, this will become quite evident as she spouts off some random history fact or discusses the plethora of British literature she has read through.  When she’s not being nerdy, Anna loves to travel and has been to Turkey, Mexico, and all across Europe to places such as Scotland, Paris, Rome and Venice.  She loves flea markets and is also extremely involved with the college ministry at her church here in Clinton.

Anna’s advice to high school seniors would be that they should be completely where they are.  That sounds so simple, but people often miss out once they get to college.  You only have four years to spend at college, so make the most of them.  Get involved on campus wherever possible and fully enjoy the life of being a college student.  While Anna was here, she essentially majored in extracurricular activities.  During her four years, Anna was active in student government and was the president of Laguna Social Tribe. She also took part in MC’s London semester program.  So take Anna’s advice and get plugged in as much as possible.

If Anna Beasley is your admissions counselor, you should contact her at

anna and daniel

These two are getting married super soon! Get excited!

– Andrew

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