College Tip! Take a Trip!

College is awesome. New friends, no bedtime, and in the words of William Wallace, “FREEEEEEEEEEDOM!”  Some of the greatest memories of my life have taken place in my freedom as a college student. One of the best things to do with the freedom is…..Take a Trip! In college, your world is bigger so go explore it! I have had some super fun college adventures traveling. Everything from concerts in Austin, TX to midnight beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. Cramming your friends in a car and just going somewhere is awesome! all it takes is an idea and some gas money! The world is full of really cool things to see an do! so go and do them!

Here are a few picture from some of me taking trips!

269927_1886288198763_2025102_nMe and some friends heading to Germantown for the weekend!

30536_1312335450320_7375784_nMe on my way to the Okatoma to go kayaking! and clearly I am ready to hit the water.

279439_1853257693174_727610_oAnother picture of my kayaking, but this time it’s on lake, at sunset, with some of my best friends.

So I hope you now know the awesomeness of taking a trip in college! You will have fun, do cool things, and see God’s beautiful creation.

-Kenneth Gray, telecounselor, traveler, and music lover

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