Benefits of Being Involved

The dictionary definition of like is “to feel attraction toward or take pleasure in: Enjoy”. College is more than just academics. Not to say that academics are not important, however there are many very important aspects of college life. Being involved on your campus is super important! Why? because nobody likes anything they are not invested in. From the time we are children we hear our parents and teachers say “what you put into it, you get out of it.” When you get to college you are met with all sorts of ways to get involved, BSU, RUF, Clubs and tribes, SGA, ASL, CAB, just to name a few. Before coming to Mississippi College I never really thought about being involved. My dad got a new job and I switched schools half-way through high school and I was not the most involved student. Don’t get me wrong I attended events but I never realized exactly what being involved was all about. So, check out my top three benefits of being involved on Campus!

1. You Get to help others!


This is a picture from this years freshman move in day! All of the upper classmen get together and help freshman move their stuff into their brand new homes! It really is a ton of fun and you get to really help people. Moving in is stressful so it’s always nice to get behind a campus activities board event and help out!

2. You get to give back!


This is a picture of my freshman year and these three guys are part of my “Shawreth Family.” When you rush a club or a tribe you get a “big” brother or sister. The consecutive big brothers and sisters make a family. Some of the guys in this picture (I’m the one in the gray) played a huge role in my maturing through college. Don’t get me wrong we had a ton of fun, but at the same time they provided great intentional relationships that I could look to and say I wanna be like that someday. Fast forward four years and I get to be the example for the young guys to follow. Any activity you get involved in you have to opportunity to give back and share the experiences you had with a new group of college students.

3. You get to have a ton of fun and make new friends!


This is a picture of me at the best job ever! I get to help out with admissions through calling perspective students and writing these blogs! These are the awesome people I work with. I get to have a ton of fun at work all while trying to encourage people to come to MC, because it’s awesome. When you make the decision to get involved you don’t only get the job at hand done, but here at MC we have fun while we work. Many of my relationships with my closest friends have been formed through getting involved on campus!

So Simply put being involved is super important, rewarding, and fun! wherever you go to college get involved, because that’s your chance to impact your campus.

-Kenneth, senior MC lover

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