Swerve 2013!

Spring break was a great time of rest and relaxation for most MC students, but for the students in clubs and tribes, competition was on the mind! Derby Week, a week filled with competitions between the clubs and tribes, was right after spring break and these students came back with their A-game, ready to compete! MC clubs and tribes hit the ground running with competitions every day, like the ultimate tailgating experience, the amazing race, a can-sculpture competition, and finally the highly anticipated dance competition: SWERVE.

For weeks, the clubs and tribes assembled their best dancers and organized stunning choreography in hopes of taking a victory for their team. The nights were filled with grueling, late-night practices and sore muscles, but once Thursday came around, all their hard work paid off. The tribes and clubs knew they would be competing for first place among tribes, clubs, and first place over all. The club and tribe winners got points for their team and the overall winner got the ticket sale proceeds donated to the philanthropy of their choice.

Students flooded the auditorium at 7 pm, and before long the venue was packed with students watching the competition and cheering on their teammates. Swor auditorium buzzed with energy and anticipation until the lights finally dimmed to reveal the hilarious hosts, Hannah Livingston and Bennon Hodges, the IT and ISEC presidents.

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The dances were absolutely phenomenal! Every team brought so much energy, creativity, and talent to the stage while the crowd cheered uncontrollably. Once the judges made their final decision, the teams awaited on the stage to hear the final results. Girls in blue and yellow cheered loudly as Laguna took first place for the tribes and first place overall. The men of Civitan also roared as they took first place for the clubs. The proceeds of Swerve were donated to The Mustard Seed, a nonprofit organization that gives employment, activity, and community for mentally handicapped adults.

Here’s some awesome pics of our dancers in action!
















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