New MC Student Center

MC’s new student center is the talk of the campus!


Located in the basement of Alumni Hall, this newly renovated student center exudes with positive energy and community for everyone. Before this new hangout space opened, students had to choose between going to the library, Cups coffee, or the Quad to hang out during the day. Now, this much needed multipurpose area provides an indoor space for students to do any number of things, whether it’s studying, grabbing coffee, watching TV, or hanging out in a group.


Comfy chairs with outlets!

The new student center is complete with a big screen TV, study rooms, comfy furniture, table tennis, and separate spaces for friends to socialize.


One of the popular perks of the student center is the new cafe next door, which replaced the beloved Jazzmans-Tuscany cafe. MC’s favorite barista, Ms. Rose, still brightens everyone’s day by making the best coffee and knowing everyone’s name as they pass by on their way to class.


Whether taking a study break or hitting the books for finals, this new student center is a great commodity for any MC student! Come visit and see for yourself!


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