Hey Ladies!!: All About Tribes

Mississippi College is unique in a lot of ways.

An attractive aspect of MC is the way it encourages student community. One the best ways to be involved on campus is with Mississippi College’s women’s organizations. We lovingly refer to them as Tribes.

So if you’re a girl, listen up!


MC has four social tribes named after different Choctaw reserves and dialects: Kissimee, Swannanoa, Laguna, and Nenamoosha. These four tribes provide students with opportunities to serve and build great friendships during their time at MC.

Each women’s tribe is represented by a different color, mascot, Bible verse, and motto.

Here are our social tribes and some fun activities they participate in….









Formals and Informals:

Officers of each tribe plan informals around the jackson area, and formals in fun cities like New Orleans, Memphis, and Birmingham!

NT Formal


You only find out the day before this event! Better grab your date fast!
Crush Parties:

You and your girlfriends invite 4-5 of your “crushes” or just cool guy friends. Two tribes partener and invite every sinlge guy that girls can think of! It is a blast!



Rush season means pledges from each tribe compete in a skit and dance competition on homecoming weekend!

nt follies


Either our men’s clubs and tribes, or just two tribes will get together for fun events.

kt swap


Some students call Derby Day their favorite day of the entire year!

Tribes and clubs compete in Relay races, tug-of-war, food-eating contests, and an egg toss!

Some of these events also include the men’s clubs on campus, but we’ll save that for another day!

 Tribes are an important part of the MC lifestyle. If you visit MC during a Preview Day or tailgate, you can be sure that you’ll get to see the different tribes set up around the quad, hanging out with prospective students, and getting ready to cheer on their Choctaws! Did I mention the baked goods underneath all the tents??



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