Knowing Yourself in College: Personality Types

I’m sure you’ve all been given this advice: “Be yourself. Know who you are.”


As a college sophomore, I can tell you this advice is extremely valuable. Obviously college is a great time to learn academic things, but college is also a great opportunity to study yourself.

“How,” you ask?

By observing yourself and surrounding yourself with insightful friends, you can uncover your natural gifts, strengths and the personality God created within you.


In the words of MC’s own professor, Dr. Gann, “Success is becoming the person God had in mind when He created you.”

A great tool to learning who God created you to be is personality tests. Let me recommend a few reliable resources for discovering who you are.

What King of Animal are You?: 


In the words of another fellow blogger:

“Okay, that title is a multiple choice question, not a rhetorical one. What kind of animal are you? Here are your choices:

  1. Lion
  2. Otter
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Beaver

Now, if you’re jumping out of your seat right now with your hand waving in the air, saying, “Oooh, tell me which one I am!!” you can take a seat. You’re an Otter.

If you’d like more time to think this over and more specific details about the animals, you’re probably a Beaver.

If you’re waiting patiently for me to tell you which one you are, you’re probably a Golden Retriever.

And if you think this list is silly and you’d rather use your own list, you’re probably a Lion.”

Learn more about yourself by taking the animal personality quiz!

download download (1) images (1) images (2)






Myers Briggs Test: 

This personality test points out your strengths and preferences in four specific areas. Are you:

-Introverted or Extroverted

-Sensing or Intuitive

-Feeling or Thinking

-Judging or Perceiving

To find out just what these words mean and how you can use them to find out more about yourself, take the quiz here!


Remember, these quizzes are just the first steps to discovering who you are. This is a lifelong process, but you can start now!

Happy learning 🙂


PS: This picture makes me happy. *grin*


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