“Let Brotherly Love Continue”

“Let Brotherly Love Continue”

Hebrews 13:1

 So you’ve just pulled off I55 onto I20, and you know that you are getting closer and closer to what seems like the most exciting 4 years of your life.

Shawreth reppin' their brotherhood

Shawreth reppin’ their brotherhood.

But amidst the flooding pressures to somehow develop a mind-blowing relationship with that stranger living in your room and prove your parents wrong, that it IS fully acceptable to be “undecided,” you realize that you know absolutely no one on campus.

When this happens, remember me and what I’m about to share with you.

NOT knowing anyone is half the fun of going to college. Not only has God called us to grow closer to him through our personal relationships with Christ, but also He called us to grow closer to Him through our relationships with each other. For the men out there, it can sometimes be difficult to find an exact duplicate of that stellar bro-crew you left behind at home. This is not an opportunity to simply mirror those friendships from high-school but to develop new relationships that will directly further your relationship with Christ. God created brotherhood as a source of both support in times of joy and encouragement in times of difficulty.

While I have not been blessed with a biological brother of my own, I have come to see the incomparable value of brotherhood in college. brother verseWhether your shoes look a lot like mine or you left 6 brothers back at home, Mississippi College has exactly what you need. As you step out of that Honda Accord your dad gave you, a strong community of guys can be found, as early as move in day, among the Clubs of Mississippi College.

Civitan bros.

Civitan bros.

These guys represent the Clubs of Shawreth, Civitan, Kokoa, Rotaract,  and Circle K. From service projects and worship nights to weekend fishing trips and late night runs to Taco Bell, these brotherhoods are not only fun groups in which to hang, but also they become a family in which to grow throughout what you accurately appraised to be the most exciting years of your life. So, as you pull off I20 and MC’s iconic bell tower climbs into view, consider which Club to join. No matter which decision you make, all of these Clubs offer not only friendship but also true brotherhood.

-Steve (Senior Choctawker)

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